At Church of Discovery we believe that God has a plan, purpose, and passion for your life. Come discover God!
                        Looking forward to in 2018
  • Kids camp: 7/30-8/3 Manton Christian Camp
  • Family Camp/Teen Camp: 8/5-8/10
  • Call to All- August 12th downtown Cadillac
  • Rob McCorkle: 8/14-8/16

Here is a link to updates for Scott (Bryan and Dawn's son). You will need to sign up for an account to access updates but it's super easy and quick. Thank you for all support and prayer. Continue to pray. 

Week of July 15th-21th 2018

Tuesday Teens (7th grade or 12 years old through 12th grade) 
7pm- Here at Church, every other Tueday in the summer...
(7/31- will be at camp)
9/4 will resume every Tuesday

 Wednesday meetings with Jesus 6:30am and 6pm

Thursday Night Prayer 

Sunday Service
Corporate Prayer time 10:00am
Worship 10:30am

Corporate prayer Sunday morning

Teens Community Service- Bell Ringing

A handful of COD guys hanging out