I once lived in dark, hiding from light. I once lived believing the devils lies, why believe in the devils darkness and lies when Christ is the one who suffered and gave his life. I started believing lies like worthless, there is no love for you, and you’re a mistake. It all started at the age of 12 or 13 when I was diagnosed with autism and OCD. Before I knew it I was full of anger and hate and pushed everyone away. Pretty soon my faith slipped away, full of anger I felt like a complete stranger. In a bed soaked with sweat, tears, fears, and shame I suddenly heard my name, it was God speaking. I said “why did you do this to me? Look at the choices you made, the way you have chosen, I have been sitting here with my arms wide open.” I dropped to my knees and started to pray, at that moment I walked knowing, I am not a mistake. I now walk with Jesus and have a smile on my face and no more tears of shame.